Hair fall is stated to be problematic when the amount of hair fall increases then normal and there is a reduction in speed of regrowth of hairs which in long run causes the condition of Baldness. Heredity and age are two common factors responsible for hair loss. This problem is mostly overlooked until it reaches to extreme conditions, but proper online ayurvedic consultationfor Hair loss problems on time can stop the damage. Hair thinning is usually linked with diet and vitamins deficiency but more the physical these problems affect people mentally. Hairs change your personality it can either make or mar your appearance; you can get online ayurvedic consultation from Doctor for hair Thinning & Baldness. Hair fall is normal but when the regrowth is not followed by hair fall it results into bald patches, solution for it is with ayurvedic experts for hair problems.


  • Your way of addressing tension or anxiety.
  • Increases in rates of the hormones -Aging -Stress


  • Hair loss
  • Bald patches
  • Itchy scalp 
  • Speed of hair growth reduces drastically 
  • Decreasing hairline 
  • Random Bald area