Sleeplessness is a disorder that makes it hard to fall asleep, which results in to fatigue throughout the day. On an average an adult needs 8 hours of sleep, Sleeplessness may also lead to Insomnia, people facing the problem of sleeplessness on regular basis are called insomnia, and it can be cured with Online Ayurvedic consultation from doctorfor sleeplessness. It is mostly self-diagnosable problem. Due to sleeplessness the person’s mind is always active and in alert mode, so he may feel always feel exhausted. Sleeplessness is not a life threatening medical condition but if left unnoticed can lead to many other sever problems, in that case you can take Expert advice which can help you prevail over the problem of Sleeplessness or Insomnia. The person having brain exhausted cannot concentrate on learning new things or feel drowsy or absent minded which can increases the possibility of mishap. Persistent Sleeplessness can lead to high blood pressure, stroke or diabetes; So prompt consultation from Doctor for Sleeplessness or Insomnia can be very effective.


  • The common cold.
  • Allergic rhinitis


  • A stuck nose.
  • Headache sinus.
  • Feeling toothache.
  • Low sense of smell.